An exciting, highly interactive, tactical two player game. 

Each round you'll be manipulating ministers, spies and double agents in order to win with just enough spy points.
But be warned!
Earn too many points and the state will notice... they'll be out to eliminate you! 

Earn too few and your opponent wins!

 Will you be able to play the right missions, at the right time, to win by being in second place at the end of the game?    


You win if you are in second place, on the Spy Points Tracker, by the end of the 8th round. 

You gain points by dominating spying activity in Departments, and you control what is happening in a Dept by performing Missions. 

Each round you will be selecting Missions and then executing them to add spy cubes (just yours) to Depts; move Spy cubes (of any Spy) between Depts or manipulate Ministers in Depts. 

The result of all this cunning maneuvering is to ensure you score optimally this round and your rival scores abysmally. 

There is also a Double Agent Spy that may help or hinder you... depending on how well you, or your rival, controls them. 

As the rounds progress, you will have fewer Missions to select from and the decisions you made earlier may limit your options further.

Will you have better options than your rival to prevail in the final round?

game elements

from top to bottom

Ministerial Departments

Foreign Office

Player Mission Selection Boards

Mission Selection tokens

Spy Ops Briefcase

Spy Cubes

Spy Points Tracker Board (left side)

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